Modern software for public health.

We design, build, and operate secure, resilient, and human-centered software and data systems that empower health and human services organizations to improve the health and well-being of the communities they serve.


Health and human services organizations bring Ratio their toughest data integration and system modernization challenges. Here's how we help.

Software & Data Engineering
Architect and build modern, high availability, high scale web applications, data pipelines, and analytics-ready data stores.
Secure Cloud Operations
Operate and maintain mission critical production systems with comprehensive observability, infrastructure as code (IaC), and support SLAs.
Human-Centered Research & Design
Design for the needs of the user, whether that’s a developer, researcher, frontline worker, patient, or member of the public.
Agile Delivery & Product Management
Reduce risk in enterprise-scale system modernization projects with frequent, incremental releases.

Why work with us

We know there's no shortage of technology vendors to choose from. Here's how we're different.

Domain Experts

We're focused on health and human services.

Unlike generalist technology vendors, our focus on health and human services organizations enables us to quickly understand context and get to work.

Demos Over Memos

We deliver value early and often.

There is no substitute for showing working software to the humans who will use it. We cut through ambiguity by delivering working software and iterating quickly, de-risking the traditional approach to software projects.

Foundations of Trust

We build trust through transparency.

We strive to build authentic, collaborative relationships with our clients. We're confident enough in our expertise to be honest when things go wrong or we don't know the answer.

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